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"I know this is your profession, but you obviously have a gift and a heart for helping clients navigate rough seas. I am very thankful for you, and would not hesitate to recommend you to others." 

-  Michael Harnish, CEO KSM Technology Partners 

"Ilene is an organizing wizard in a world of paper and confusion. She can help take a disparate amount of information that is often confusing and contradictory, and simplify that in order to make very important life decisions. She helped my mother figure out the best health insurance policy - advocating for her with all the various options - and then helped put together a Personal Inventory Workbook, allowing all the family members to have all her vital information in one place. That was an incredible resource for us." 
​- Andy Weissman, Esq.

"Ilene Mandell is a tenacious advocate—the word "no" simply does not register with her. When she took over my mother's difficult long-term-care insurance claim, Ilene made allies out of adversaries, refused to accept denials, and won our case. She's warm, organized and indefatigable, and I recommend her highly." 
- Dylan Landis, author of the novel Rainey Royal

​“When my husband passed away, Ilene provided great tips, advice and knowledge on the enormous amount of paperwork and calls that needed to be completed that she learned from her own experience. In a time that was so difficult, it was a blessing to have her help and comforting to know that she knew what I was going through.”
- Kelly McCabe, Associate in Program ServicesMake-A-Wish® Foundation of Metro New York and Western New York

"Losing my husband a few years ago was the most difficult experience of my life. I was blessed to already know Ilene. Sadly, a widow herself, her compassion, kindness and understanding were invaluable to me. Recently I learned the health care policy I share with my son was being cancelled. In a panic I called Ilene for assistance. Within a matter of days she was able to help me select the perfect plan for my needs. Ilene took care of every aspect from inception to receipt of my final plan. Her knowledge, persistence, diligence, clarity and the grace with which she gets things done is quite something. I had no doubt that every choice had been thoroughly analyzed. The relief she brought me is priceless. Ilene is a gem and one of the most remarkable women I know." 

​- Jan Zonon, President, JBZEN Management

"In her role as Medical Outreach Manager of Make-A-Wish® of Metro New York and Western New York, Ilene was the consummate professional. She combined intelligence, genuine warmth, and kindness to bring so much happiness to seriously ill children and their families. As the face of Make-A-Wish for our institution, Ms. Mandell effortlessly interacted with all levels of medical professionals, and taught us all a great deal about the healing power of a wish. Ilene is an outstanding, tireless advocate and support for anyone who seeks her services. She is someone whom I truly admire, and it is a privilege to call her a friend."
- Lisa Ipp, MD, Chief of Pediatric Medicine, Hospital for Special Surgery,
​New York, NY

"As senior Licensed Clinical Social Worker at the Hassenfeld Children’s Cancer Center of NYU I had the good fortune to work with Ilene Mandell as Medical Outreach Manager at Make-A-Wish® of Metro New York and Western New York. The wishes that were granted provided the children and families with a lifetime of memories to ease their heartache. However, it was Ilene’s professionalism and tact that made the most lasting impact on all involved. There was never a question as to where the focus was to be directed and what the outcome would be. That skill and the manner in which she implemented the process is a rare talent. Ilene is now helping those going a transition in life with the concrete details it entails. It is a skill that she is able to transfer to this new challenge. I would refer her to any and everyone trying to navigate our convoluted and divisive medical and insurance systems – regardless of where they find themselves in the process. I can do that knowing that she is caring, concerned and pragmatic. (If you have additional questions please feel free to contact me)."
-Dolli Holland Coe, LCSW-r

 “Ilene's kindness and professionalism are a special combination. It has been an honor to know her and a pleasure to work with her.”
- Sandi Blais, RN, Winthrop Pediatric Associates, Mineola, NY

“Ilene is truly gifted in the work she does.”
- Marianne Muzic-Lucenti, LCSW, St. Mary’s Healthcare System for Children

“Ilene is such an impressive woman.”
- Nancy Barbach, LCSW, Steven and Alexandra Cohen Children’s Medical Center of New York

“Thanks to Ilene for her hard work and dedication to patients, families and the community at large”
​​- Rose Rodriguez, Nurse Practitioner, Morgan Stanley Children’s Hospital, New York, NY